Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How Many National Championships does Auburn Have?

In this day of the MNC (Mythical National Championship) Lets look at how many National Championships the Auburn Football program can claim. Would it shock you if I said eight!!!! Now before we get excited Auburn only claims 1957 as a official National Championship. The rest are just classified as championship seasons. The reason we don't claim them is that most of them were declared years later. In the early years there was no established National Championship. In 1983, 1993 and 2004 we just got victimized and had our championships declared by someone other than the AP, UPI, or the BCS.

Now, let the record state that many schools count the MNC as a real national championship. Our UAT friends claim 12 National Championships. If you look at the data they could be credited with as few as 5. This is tricky business because the NCAA does not establish a College Football National Championship. One thing is for sure, neither Alabama or many other schools would have as many National Championships on their scoreboard if they used the same puritan approach as Auburn.

  • 1910 -- 6-1-0 -- Loren Maxwell
  • 1913 -- 8-0-0 -- 1st-N-Goal,Billingsley Report,James Howell
  • 1914 -- 8-0-1 -- James Howell,
  • 1957 -- 10-0 -- Associated Press, Billingsley, Fleming, Football Research, Helms, James Howell, Massey Ratings, National Championship Foundation
  • 1958 -- 9-0-1 -- Montgomery Full Season Championship
  • 1983 -- 11-1-0 -- 1st-N-Goal,Angelo Louisa,ARGH Power Ratings,Billingsley Report,College Football Researchers Association,David Wilson,DKC Ratings,Foundation for the Analysis of Competitions and Tournaments,James Howell, Jeff Self,Massy Ratings, New York Times,Nutshell Sports Football Ratings,Soren Sorensen,Sparks Achievement Ratings, Steve Eck,The Fleming System,Thomas Jech
  • 1993 -- 11-0-0 -- David Wilson,Harry Frye,National Championship Foundation,Nutshell Sports Football Ratings, Sparks Achievement Ratings
  • 2004 -- 13-0-0 -- Darryl W. Perry,GBE College Football Ratings, Peoples National Champions

(NEWS FLASH) This Just in!!!!! The War Eagle Times has just announced the 2008 Auburn Tiger Football Team as its 2008 National Champion!!! Congratulations tigers fans. 9 and counting!!!!!

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